Warsaw - Saska Kępa - Honey

Our honey, made in our elegant garden of Saska

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Kępa, is made by bees that have rich access to flowers, plants and a home. No wonder it tastes so good!

London - Notting Hill - Honey

Our London honey is the perfect rival to our Polish counterpart. This time our hive is set on the roof of our London house which is very near all sorts of greenery, such as Hyde Park.

About Us

The people behind the name. Hipolit “Hip” Hodges is a keen beekeeper who has waited patiently for the first hives to be installed. He describes himself as “funny and eccentric”. Hieronim “Nimo” Hodges is another

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keen beekeeper who is our very own honey taster. He is  a passionate

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fighter for support for bees. As we know, bees have struggled in our new day ways. However, we have created a home for many bees and by buying our

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honey, you will be creating a home for many more.

Why Us?

Our honey, with nothing added to it, is pure. Our bees live in a happy environment

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great taste.

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By choosing us you will support our bees and bees worldwide when they need it the most.

Ecological honey

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Happy bees