Warsaw - Saska Kępa - Honey

Our  Warsaw honey, made in our garden the ‘Saska Kępa’ area of Warsaw, is produced by bees with access to a variety of flowers, in the surrounding gardens and parks.  It is rich and golden and has a very special mixed-floral taste!

London - Notting Hill - Honey

Our London honey is a perfect complement to our Polish counterpart.  Our hives are set on the roof of our London, Notting Hill home, close to the flowers found in the parks and gardens of the area. 

About Us

The people behind the name:  Hipolit “Hip” Hodges is a keen beekeeper, known for his sense of humour and eccentric dress sense. Hieronim “Nimo” Hodges, also a keen beekeeper, is a surfer and our expert honey taster.  Both are impassioned supporter of bees.  We have created homes for bees and by buying our honey you will assist in ensuring that bees will continue to thrive.

Why our honey?

The honey we produce, is organic and pure – nothing is added and nothing is taken away. Many producers add sugar or some form of glucose, we do not. Our bees live in a happy environment surrounded by a variety of flowers and create great tasting honey. By buying our honey you will support the plight of bees and – you will enjoy great tasting honey.

Happy bees

Organic nothing added

Ecological honey

Elegant packaging