About Us

​The people behind the name:

Hipolit “Hip” Hodges, waited patiently for the first hives to be installed in 2017.  He first experienced beekeeping at the house of a friend.  He is in charge of overseeing honey collection.  Although he stands at 6″1′, plays rugby and tennis, he nurtures the bees carefully, tending to their every need.  Flamboyant by nature, Hip is responsible for sales and marketing.

Hieronim “Nimo” Hodges is the expert honey taster.  He assists in the collecting and manages the production of our honey and enjoys his time with the bees.  Apart from being a keen surfer he’s a numbers whizz and manages the finance side of our business.

Bees have a tough time in our modern world.   Their habitat has been eroded and pesticides kill them.  Treat yourself to a pot of our organic honey made only by bees and flowers – with nothing added and nothing taken away.  Our honey-producing environments are glorious gardens, friendly to bees, where our bees hunt for pollen without being bothered by predators – such as bears!

If you would like to find out more about us, please feel free to click below and find out how to contact us.